Mattresses on request - 5-10 work days -

We have a large selection of mattresses for all tastes and needs. Mattresses with pocket springs, mattresses with HR foam core, sanitary mattresses, mattresses for adjustable beds, fireproof mattresses for hostelry establishments. In the most common measurements and with a length of 190 cm, we have stock for immediately delivery.

We manufacture the 180 cm size to order and at the same price as the 190 cm size. Mattresses on request are delivered within 5-10 work days from the order date. All mattresses are shipped rolled and vacuum packed. Pocket spring mattresses are made to order so they are coiled for the shortest possible time, so as not to impair the performance of the springs. The price indicated is unitary. If you consider that your order has a certain quantity, please ask for the best price.

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